Monday, May 13, 2013

Stupendous Monday {5/13/13}

Monday Monday.......
So good to meeeeeeee.........

Here it is friends!  My bi-weekly insta-dump.

I got this antique banjo-uke from my grandma around Christmas.  It's an old family heirloom that we had refinished and fixed up.  SO COOL!  This is us, learning to play Sea of Love.  A friend of ours is going to play it on this little dude as I walk down the aisle.  YESSSSS!  Exciting stuff guys.

The weather's been like a dream.  Jerdy and I are feeling the spring fever, strolling hand in hand to dinner.

Just a usual Saturday morning for me.  No big deal.

Moscow mules on the deck.  In the sun.  With good friends.

Caught these two lovebirds napping on the couch.

I can't get enough of this amazing vegetable.

Music discoveries.......

This is what my walk to work looks like lately.  Tennis shoes and iced coffee.  A really nice 15 minute stroll every morning.

Looking back, it's been a really really awesome last couple of weeks.  SO much sunshine and lounging and friendly faces.  Lovin life right now.

What have you guys been up to???


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  2. I love the pics!! And what is that vegetable? Maybe I'm being dense, but I don't recognize it & now I'm dying of curiosity lol

  3. Yeah--I'd like to know what that vegetable is too AND that dress/blouse/whatever it is the first pic.......LOVE IT!

  4. Love your pics! Happy Tuesday xxx

  5. haha I love your nail polish color, I swear I am obsessed with nail polish. Found you through the blog hop. following you. Follow me back @

  6. ha! That veggie is rhubarb! Sliced and sugared. One of my fave things.
    And that is a dress from ModCloth with a little doily like blouse over it. I believe the blouse is from ModCloth too, but I can't really remember.

  7. Love that pic of your and your dog! :)

  8. you have the coolest things and clothes!


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