Friday, June 7, 2013

Dreaming of {vintage wedding hair}

My friends!  Get prepared to be super annoyed with me while I post all things MY WEDDING!  It's in less than 3 months, and I've got SO much to plan still.

I've got a handful of wedding hair pics, and I can't seem to decide on the perfect one.  These are the ones I'm dreaming of:

 photo weddinghair1_zps447e5e25.jpg
 photo weddinghair2_zpsc5f5aa40.jpg
 photo weddinghair3_zps708169fe.jpg
 photo weddinghair4_zpsc47f78bf.jpg
 photo weddinghair5_zpsd03ab892.jpg
 photo weddinghair6_zpsc7e5c67e.jpg
 photo weddinghair7_zpsb86080be.jpg
 source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I know, I know......... they are all pretty much the same hairstyle.  Uber 60s and messy and RAD!  I love them all.  I'm leaning towards #4 with a big yellow flower.  I really like the side pony in #3 too though.  SO HARD TO DECIDE!

A good friend of mine is doing my hair for me, and I'm so pumped!  Any of you already married ladies got any wedding hair pointers for me?



  1. I pinned number 6 a few weeks ago! I am getting my hair coloured red just before and my bouquet is going to have babies breath so it will be perfect. Mine is short though so hopefully it works, as long as there are curls and some braids I am happy!

  2. Mine was a side pony with braids and curls. I loved it so so so much! All of these are lovely, how can you even choose? Ahhhhhhhhh! Can't believe your wedding is that close!


  3. I was kind of disappointed with my wedding 'do; it looked better at the trial. The curls fell out of my side pony pretty quick. ( - from my old wedding planning blog)

    I think the less "done", the better. I'm adoring these retro vintage hairdos!


  4. All excellent choices! I used Michelle Williams' Oscar hair as my wedding hair inspiration (you know the one where she went with Heath Ledger & worse that great mustard dress and had red lips?). Unfortunatly, my hair dresser was adamant about making it more sleek and less messy than I wanted, but it worked out ok in the end.

  5. I love wedding planning, keep it coming! I really love #1 and #2 and can totally picture them on you... but they're all gorgeous!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  6. I love the two you picked!!! You could do a side pony with a flower!? If I had had long enough/thick enough hair, that's what I would have done. Instead I just had a regular updo with a big green flower in it, to match my wedding colors. I am a fan of flowers in wedding hairdos. :)

  7. I like 4 and the last one! Ah, how excited you must be!!

  8. Beautiful!!! Excellent choices! My personal fave is #3. So go with that, because you know - my choice is the important thing. :p
    Incidentally, do you have a consult set up with your hair stylist so she knows what's going to go down and what to plan for the day of? Doing this really helped me. We spent a half hour discussing what I wanted, what my hair would do, and just playing around to get a few ideas. I was lucky that my hair lady did the consult for free since wedding styles are more expensive.

  9. Those are all gorgeous hairstyles! I am a sucker for braids though so the two last ones with braids are quite my style ;) I must admit #1 is very classy too!


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