Monday, June 10, 2013

Stupendous Monday {6/10/13]

Holy what?  It's Monday already!  Totally skipped over Sunday.


I'm reading this book!  And I love it.

I attended a social media seminar for my work at the Museum of Flight.  I just HAD to goof around a bit when the seminar was over. :)

We got to take a tour of the printing press that's creating our wedding invites.  See the 2 dudes next to Jerdy?  We are lucky enough to have them as good friends, and they are making us the raddest invites EVA!  Stay tuned for pics.

Sunny Sunday morning.

We took a little trip down to Shelton to get our wedding spot a little more perfect.  That's our feet, dangling from the deck that's being built.

This weather is SO cool.  Somehow I managed to fit in a bit of time for a cocktail and some sunny park time with the puppins. 

Well...... I'm taking a little bloggie break friends.  I'm just too freakin busy with wedding stuff right now, and need a week or so to really get a handle on things.  Plus, it's good to take a break every once in a while eh?

Hope the sun is shining where you're at, and I'll see you all in about a week. :)


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  1. Awesome! I read Michael' Pollan's Food Rules. It's great and short.

  2. Looks like you have a good weekend! I really liked Pollan's "In Defense of Food" so I'll have to check this one out. Enjoy your bloggy break and have fun wedding planning!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  3. Good luck with all the wedding planning! Make sure you make it fun!

    feathers and ash

  4. Looks like a great week! (I have that same Anthropologie mug except with an M.) And I want to read that book, I've read Michael Pollan's other works and I'm glad to here you are liking it! Good luck with the wedding stuff!

  5. So exciting!!! Have a wonderful time, we'll be here when you get back!

  6. Looks like an excellent week! (I have that same Anthropologie mug except with an M.) And I want to study that guide, I've study Eileen Pollan's other performs and I'm grateful to here you are preference it! Best of fortune with the marriage stuff!
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