Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY Mini mummy pumpkin

Dudes...... check out this cute little mumpkin.....

CUTEST EVER!  I adore this little guy.   I've had a handful of these little mini pumpkins floating around my apartment for the last month or so, and just had to give the little orange one a makeover.  All you need is some cheesecloth, scissors, rubber cement or other adhesive, eyeballs of sorts, and a pumpkin.

Here's how to make this cutie pie:

1. Cut your cheesecloth into 1.5" x 4" strips
2. Glue a single layer of cheesecloth around the pumpkin.
3. Glue the eyeballs on.
4. Wrap the pumpkin in cheesecloth, slightly covering the tops and bottoms of the eyeballs until you have your desired "mummy" thickness.
5. You have a mumpkin!

I'd love to hear your mini pumpkin ideas!  I wanted to do a little vampire, but I haven't had any luck finding plastic vampire teeth.  WHAT!?  Unheard of, but unfortunately true.

Happy Halloween friends!



  1. Cute and clever idea!

  2. Oh my geez that is too cute. I love his wide eyes. cheers.

  3. So cute and spooky!!

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