Sunday, December 29, 2013


And just like that......... the holidays are ending.  They always go by way too quickly don't they?  Tomorrow, I will be waking up and heading back to work, and back to real life.  What a whirlwind!  My best friend from out of town stayed with us for the last few days, just the happy distraction I needed from a pretty nutso Christmas season.  My grandfather went into the hospital a few weeks ago, so Christmas was uprooted and brought to his room in ICU.  Gloves, masks, hospital gowns, but also a Christmas that wasn't about presents or gluttony, but about giving someone we love the best (possibly last) Christmas we could under the circumstances.  Pretty awesome after all.

122913d photo IMG_20131201_173242_zpse42a81fa.jpg

I didn't really do any shopping this year, which is strange for this Christmas freak!  Just didn't have the energy I suppose, but I did make it downtown one afternoon with a friend.  I adore downtown Seattle during the holidays.  So much excitement and lighting!  Tons of musicians on the sidewalks, kids lined up to see Santa, and that HUGE tree right in the middle.

122913g photo IMG_20131215_211936_zps555e612f.jpg
122913f photo IMG_20131215_211247_zpscc566be4.jpg

I participated in the Gift of Thrift this year with Amanda!  It was pretty awesome.  I received a super rad set of vintage christmas glasses, along with a cute dress and some mad libs from Dus.  Thank you so much lady!  Totally love those glasses.

122913h photo IMG_20131217_211538_zps0e254778.jpg

Here a few more snapshots of the season that I sort of love.

122913i photo IMG_20131224_080529_zps787e255e.jpg
122913c photo IMG_20131201_171142_zps945b4644.jpg
122913e photo IMG_20131205_184747_zps9a605b43.jpg
122913b photo IMG_20131121_081802_zps8249d52a.jpg

Cheers to 2014 everyone!  Let's make it the best year yet. 



  1. So glad you enjoyed the holidays! :) Back to reality tomorrow for sure. *le sigh*

    Of course, we still have new years! ;)

  2. Aw I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa but it sounds like you guys had a pretty good Christmas anyway! As usual your photos are gorgeous. And make me homesick. ;)

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