Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tangerine pomanders

Want to hear something totally mind blowing?  It's the Saturday before Xmas.  Something even crazier?  It's 4 days till Xmas!  Oh my word........

Let's make your house smell like Christmas shall we?

tangerinepomander3 photo orangepomander1_zpsb80c1636.jpg

First, grab yourself a handful of tangerines, or other citrus fruit you might have handy, and a large handful of whole cloves.  Just push the pointy side of the clove into your tangerine.  Seriously, that's it!  You can add as many or as few cloves as you like.  The more cloves, the more smell, so go clove crazy!  Make a festive design like a diamond, or a heart.  OR, if you're a creative genius, go balls to the wall with a nativity scene, or the grinch face!  Better send me photos if you can manage these.  Mine are super boring, let's move on.

tangerinepomander3 photo orangepomander3_zps088147f9.jpg

Once the tangerines begin to dry out, they will fill your house with orangey clovey aroma!  You can load these up in a bowl, or add some ribbon and make them fragrant ornaments for your tree.  Give them as gifts, hand them out to your neighbs.  Put them in your bedroom, keep them in your pocket (just kidding).  These will stay good for quite a while, up to several weeks or even a month. 

tangerinepomander2 photo orangepomander2_zpse3f9b37c.jpg

Need another way to fill your house with that wonderful Christmas scent?  Spend 3 minutes making this DIY Simmering winter potpourri.  You won't regret it!

Merry Christmas my friends.



  1. I love making these every year. It reminds me of being back in school again, and they smell so yummy x

  2. Yes, I love this! My mom used to do this all the time when we were younger and I had completely forgotten about it. Looks like I am going to have to bust it out this year!

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  4. Today, pomander balls are usually a lot simpler; most consist of an orange or other citrus fruit studded with cloves and dusted with other spices.


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