Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Resolutions and the gift of thrift

Want to hear my 2014 resolutions?

 photo resolutions_zpsbfe24c52.jpg

Screw resolutions this year!  I have a gazillion goals and things I want to do with my life, but they are things I need to do regularly, not just resolve to do them in 2014 and feel bad about myself if they are not within the year.  Yeah, there's the usual get healthy, be happy mumbo jumbo going on in my head, but it definitely isn't going to help to add pressure on myself.  Taking baby steps one day at a time is more my style!  So, I don't have any resolutions.  I do, however, have goals for my 5 year plan that I will continue to work toward.  Maybe I have 2014-2019 resolutions!  What about you guys?  Any resolutions out there?  I think it's really awesome when people make them and stick to it.  Whoever you are, you have me beat in the motivated category.  For sure.

Alright, onto the fun stuff.  The last little bit of holiday cheer left for the season!  Any of my friends participate in the Gift of Thrift?

 photo giftofthriftlogo2_zps690f1b20.jpg

This was a blast!  Amanda and Hannah put this magical little thrifty gift exchange together.  The idea was to buy a thrifted or second hand item and send it to someone you don't know, as chosen at random.  I got Amanda, and found the cutest little vintage star tree topper for her.  Check it out:

 photo giftofthrift2_zps775c5b62.jpg

I received the most thoughtful gift from Dus.  Dudes........ vintage holiday barware!  Holy cow, does this girl know me or what?

 photo giftofthrift1_zps32b81afd.jpg

There were also madlibs, a cute little dress, and an adorable flask.  You can score all this for $15.00 bucks where she's from!  I think I'm living in the wrong city.......

Cheers (with my new barware, that I will def use even though Christmas is over) to 2014 with no pressure!  Just a relaxing, but productive at my own pace kind of year. 



  1. AMEN to not making resolutions. I can't remember the last time I officially made a resolution...

    Love all the vintage stuff!!! There's no WAY you could get ONE of those things for under $15 here, haha.

  2. hurrah! i'm so glad you liked the cups (and that you said i know you well, not that i thought you were an acoholic haha). hope you have fun w/ the mad libs too and I absolutely agree, my resolution is to get fit this year, but it's a long term one as well. i made a goal to complete a half (or a mini or whatever) triathlon before i turn 30. i'm starting slow w/ yoga and zumba : ).

  3. Wow! Dus spoiled you. What a great Thriftmas it was for you! ;)

  4. I should have taken this advice, I made my resolutions....and I've already forgotten what they are!

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