Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tunes I'm digging

Some newbies, some oldies.  All good.

Winter faves 2014 by New User on Grooveshark

Any music you guys are loving this winter?


  1. You can never go wrong with Jeff Buckley. I've been digging Frank Turner's Tape Deck Heart <3

  2. This is a good bunch of songs- I love Jeff Buckley too. I've been listening to La Luz a lot- surf music that seems oddly fitting for the winter time.

  3. Leonard Cohen - New Skin For Old Ceremony is on repeat right now. Plus, FLEETWOOD MAC! Neil Young is always a good choice no matter the season. :) Thanks for reminding me to pull out some vinyl to prep for the next snow storm!

  4. Oh how I love anything and everything Matt Ward touches. I saw him live with Rilo Kiley back in 2003 and I've been smitten ever since!


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