Sunday, April 6, 2014

7 recipes to try this spring

Guys, I am so happy spring is in the air. The signs of life, the layered clothes, the ability to stay awake after work because it's still light out. Most of all though, the natural good mood that spring comes along with. Actually WANTING to do stuff! Oh man, I'm so ready for that feeling.

Each spring I get a bit obsessed with the abundance of new produce that comes my way. Last year, it was rhubarb. This year, it's gonna be radishes. I can already tell. I've fallen in love with those spicy little crunchies.

Here are some recipes to get you into that spring mood!

Brighten up your pasta with arugula pistachio pesto

arugulapesto2 photo arugulapesto2_zps38a8c301.jpg

Old fashioned rhubarb soda float. SO GOOD!

 photo rhubarbsodafloat4_zpsd7c858a1.jpg

Rhubarb iced tea. This stuff seriously knocked my socks off. A yearly tradition around these parts I think.

rhubarbtea3 photo rhubarbtea3_zps1affb61d.jpg

Herby, limey marinated mozzerella

marinatedmozzerella5 photo marinatedmozz3_zpse5d6db16.jpg

Vegan dijon and edamame potato salad

dijonpotatosalad2 photo dijonpotatosalad2_zpsc1b2fc9c.jpg

Homemade moscow mule. Nectar of the gods

5.19.138 photo photoanhour8_zps10d4e744.jpg

Grow your own black bean sprouts

 photo beansprouts5_zps3af8ae96.jpg

These little spermy lookin things were AWESOME! Perfect for salads or just a snack.

We've got a nephew waiting to show up, and are planning a little weekend with him once he is born. Many spring walks with Mrs. Roll, and happy hours after work I'm sure. And radishes. Lots of radishes.

What are you planning this spring?



  1. Yum! Lookin' forward to trying out your yrhubarb iced tea and dijon potato salad recipes. Spring makes me want to do stuff too. :)

  2. I keep hearing about this rhubarb plant so it must be awesome. Not super common around here though so it might be a bit of a challenge finding some...

  3. Oh, those rhubarb recipes are delightful. Hope you have a fantastic day.


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