Monday, May 19, 2014


Well, here it is. Another instadump! Been a while since I've done one of these.

 photo instalife1_zps3b209a53.jpg

These photos were both taken a few months ago. Back when the dandelions just started to bloom and the sunshine just started to peek out. Had my first boozy Arnold Palmer of the year. mmmm.... Can't wait for more of these.

 photo instalife2_zpse430bc90.jpg

I finally got around to starting book 4 of the Song of Ice and Fire series. 3rd time I've attempted! I'm about halfway through this time. Everyone talked so much smack about this one, but I actually like it a lot! Lots of new characters and story lines. Oh, and strawbs strawbs everywhere!

 photo instalife3_zps3adc48ff.jpg

I pass these lilacs every day on my walk to work. This was a few weeks back when they were smelling up the whole block. I absolutely loved it. Mrs. Roll has become completely obsessed with being under covers lately. She buries her entire self, including her face. What a strange habit to start out of nowhere! I have been calling her Obi Wan Katootsie. :)

 photo instalife4_zps80e5b93d.jpg

I got a really sweet package in the mail from Jennifer. On a really really bad day. Really great coffee and some other little treats. Thank you again lady. To the right you will find me goofing off and forcing my husband to take photos of me in front of flowers. But never of my face. Yep.

 photo instalife5_zps54d6ce0d.jpg

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day. Sunny and a bit breezy, with bright blue skies and flowers flowers everywhere. My sinuses fucking hate my guts, but I gave my allergies a run for their money by smelling all of them. Jerdy even tucked a few behind my ear. Sweet spring moments.

Have a great week friends!


P.S. Let's be friends on Instagram shall we?


  1. A) Flowers! Love those flowers!
    B) Glad you liked your package. :) Hope things are a bit better for ya, m'dear.

    Love via Athens.

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  2. I liked your blog very much! What a cute dog, sooo sweet and the new habit! My brother has 2 dogs and they also like to curl up under the blanket :) really sweet! The package color matches your nails! Great color and so nice to get something on a bad day, that cheers us up!

  3. Everyone is tormenting me with their abundance of strawberries! It's not quite that season where I live, but it really needs to hurry up (I also saw your popsicles! Want!). I love the smell of lilacs and I'm a sucker for a cute dog photo! If I had an instagram, I'd totally connect :)

  4. Coolness. Totally started following you on IG.

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  15. But I actually like it a lot! Lots of new characters and story lines. Oh, and strawbs strawbs everywhere!

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