Friday, June 6, 2014

5 recipes to try this summer

Guys. Guess what? I'm moving. Seriously moving. Not just down the street or across town, moving away. About an hour away from the city actually. It's just that time ya know? More on that later.......

In the meantime....... summasummasummatime is approaching. Here are a few past recipes that should get you through!

Apricot garlic scape salsa. This is potent friends! Vampires beware.

 photo apricotgarlicscapesalsa_zps1d1005a7.jpg

Peach and SWEET tea bourbon poptails. Don't worry. I did NOT make tea out of sweat as it states in the photo. DOH!

 photo peachteabourbon1_zps69ed4282.jpg

Plummy crumble. Every summer deserves a good crumble. Try some stone fruit.

 photo plumcrumble1_zps0a371736.jpg

Apricot peach chutney. Try this on pulled pork sliders! You won't be sorry.

 photo apricotpeachchutney6_zpsb0a12b33.jpg

Pluot rosemary popsicles. Total experiment, and a little odd, but pretty awesome in the end.

 photo pluotpops2_zps86e2d0a6.jpg

Well, there you have it. My shitty photos of food I made 2 years ago. Pretty awesome to see how far I've come.

Have a great sunny June weekend friends!



  1. You're really doing it!? To the location previously mentioned in our emails?

    I'd like to try a sweat tea bourbon poptail. ;)

  2. peach sweet tea, and bourbon all in a popsicle how can you go wrong? and where are you moving to?

  3. This looks amazing! I will definately give it a try!
    I hope I will manage as I am not a great cook!


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